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Case Studies

Company Profile
SchoolTube provides students and educators a safe, world class, and FREE media sharing website that is nationally endorsed by premier education associations.

SchoolTube is the recognized leader for moderated, internet media sharing for teachers and students. All student created materials on SchoolTube must be approved by registered teachers, follow local school guidelines, and adhere to our high standards.

Business Situation
SchoolTube was quickly outgrowing their startup website. They needed a more robust, scalable solution. Christophe Consulting had an employee on staff that was assisting with administrative support and organizational challenges, so the needs were very well known. Once the decision was made to upgrade the website, Christophe brought in reinforcements.

The business owner and the Christophe staff realized that due to the short timeline, an adaptation of an off-the-shelf solution would be the fastest way to go. So, an off-the-shelf front end was selected, and Christophe focused on the backend (all the file handling, user administration, and video uploading).

Benefits and Results
Eight weeks after the decision was made to hire Christophe to upgrade their website, SchoolTube had a new website. The new website is easy to use, robust, and easy to maintain.

Project Facts
This project married a php front end, with two databases (MySQL and SQL Server) and a .NET backend.

St. Louis Motorsports - Service Department

Company Profile
St. Louis Motorsports is the premier auto dealership in St. Louis, Missouri. They opened in 2001 and quickly began gathering a dedicated following of customers.

Business Situation
The Service Department at St. Louis Motorsports was in a bind. They had grown so fast, they had no time to upgrade their forms.

The current forms were marked up with changes and sent to Christophe Consulting. Christophe created new forms based on the marked up version, and sent them back to the Service Department via email. The back and forth review continued until the final forms were decided upon. The forms were designed to be completed electronically, or filled out by hand.

Benefits and Results
The Service Department now has high quality forms specific to their needs.

Ferrari Club of America - Missouri Chapter

Organization Profile and Situation
The Missouri Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America was officially formed around 2002. In order to keep all the members informed as to upcoming events, they needed help managing their roster, handling all the mailings, and creating a website.

Christophe initially began by creating a website and assisting in formatting the newsletters. Over time, they handled the roster, most of the mailings, and continued managing the website.

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